Dear 2021…..

Happy New Year guys!!

I know , I am a bit late to the new year’s wishes party, but you know, better late than never.Hope you and your resolution haven’t broken up yet.


What could be written about the year which is probably one of the most awaited years of generations?

The whole world is looking at 2021 with lots of expectations. So many expectations.

I sometimes feel sorry for 2021. It is like being a younger sibling on whom parents have put all their hopes, dreams, and expectations after the elder sibling turned out to be a rude shock. Now, we all are very much aware of the burden of expectations , and imagine 2021 has to shoulder expectations of the WHOLE WORLD!

It is like the moment you are born, your parents handed you a list of to-do tasks. You have to give vaccines, cure COVID, open businesses, open tourism, etc etc etc.

Or like that annoying neighbor’s kid, whom our parents always used as an example to make us feel sorry about ourselves. (Although I am not sure how much that technique work, as it never worked in my case). Now imagine being that kid. How difficult his life must have been. What if he wanted to be a little mischievous, or miss a class, or play a prank? But he can’t. Why?Because he is THAT good kid. He must be perfect.

That’s how I feel about 2021.

I know 2020 was, well, 2020…. but I think it is not fair to expect 2021 to be perfect.

So dear 2021 you don’t have to perfect. You can be a bit mischievous and have some fun(not too much though, please) and live your life.

With the hope that you would be better than your older sibling, welcome to our life.

Yours Truly,


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Photo Credit: Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash


2020 was , well, 2020!!


THE 4 digits which the world would never forget.


You had a uniqueness, a rhyme to your name – Twenty-Twenty– to which, initially, our tongue liked to roll- “Twenty-Twenty”.

But you left a bittersweet taste in the end.


I decided this would be the year when I would finally pursue one of my hobbies – Travel. I decided enough waiting for a travel companion. I did meticulous planning and research for my trips for the whole year. Did all kinds of calculations – leaves, holidays, places, weather, budget,everything. I even booked a trip for early this year.

BUT, I have always been wary of plans. Maybe because of my laziness or life experiences as whenever I make any plans, the universe, like a true antagonist, always throws me in deep shit. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

And this time it was 2020. You shut down the whole world. Closed the borders. Put us in a lockdown.


You showed us the meaning of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (a Sanskrit phrase which means ‘the world is one family’). You showed us that we are connected to each and every person in this world – in more ways than we could ever imagine.

I wonder if we could see our contact tracing graph. Oh.. the web of connections moving across the countries.!!


In continuation to – the world is one family theme- you gave us another thing apart from this pandemic which united us – the social media trends.

It was always abuzz with some activity or another that required our keen attention- be it Dalgona coffee or banana bread or black and white challenge or couple’s challenge.

We loved some, hated some but couldn’t ignore any.

(Although I proudly remain untouched by any of these trends!! )


If any dialog could define you, it would probably be –

Can you see my screen?


Sorry I was on mute.”

You CHANGED our workplace scene.

From 2 hours commute to 10-sec shift from bed to the desk(or maybe not even that).

From “Not feeling well . Taking the day off” to “Bad internet connection. Taking the day off”.

From “all polished formal looks” to “sweats and bun days”.

You made us know our colleagues a bit more. Infact, we got to know them so well, that by end of the year, we could recognize just by the background noise, whose mic is on unmute. No HR Team building activity could do this. EVER.


Maybe you were the kick in the butt we all needed.

We were taking Mother Nature for granted. Exploiting it, destroying it to the extreme.

All it took for Mother nature, a microscopic virus, to bring we mighty humans down to our knees.

You showed us how wrong our priorities were.

Instead of inventions and research on saving lives, we were pouring efforts and money into inventions of destroying the world.

Instead of strengthening public health system, our politician were busy building monuments and statues worth millions.


You showed us the ugly side of society – the class divide.

You showed us if the rich and mighty are not affected nothing matters.


Although, you were not all bad either. After all there was a silver lining.

I got to be with my family almost after a decade. I realized how much I have missed this.

I realized how privileged I am.

How privileged I am to have a job that allowed me to work from home.

How privileged I am to have no pay cut.

How privileged I am to have a job.

How privileged I am to have a HOME!

You opened my eyes to blessings which I had taken for granted.


You may have not given me what I wanted, but you gave me what I needed.

With the hope that the coming years will be better, I bid you adieu.

This will be my last post for the year 2020. See you all next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!


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Today I am gonna talk about someone special. Someone who, once, was a major part of my life. Someone with whom I used to share everything- good, bad, and ugly moments of my life- EVERYTHING. Someone who always made sure to check up on me, always asking-“what’s going on in your mind”. 

Yes, you guessed it right.

I am talking about , the one and only – “FACEBOOK.”

I am using past tense as over the period, like most relationships, we also grew apart.

Yet I am sure, that, someone still checks up on me, secretly though, and knows everything about me.

How am I so sure?

Because with a mere mention of a trip, it seems suddenly the whole universe starts assisting me planning that trip – from hotels to flights to sightseeing-everything.

Because once I was discussing my friend’s baby shower, and boom…I could see baby products everywhere.

Honestly, sometimes I feel, I can manifest things just by my thoughts.

And I know, who is working behind the scenes to make things happen for me.

With this nostalgic feeling, I decided to take a trip down memory lane.

And,boy-oh-boy. What an experience it was!

While reminiscing our old memories, it soon hit me, why we broke up.

I was a naïve young girl when I started this relationship. I “liked” the attention this relationship provided me. I “liked” showing off our relationship to the world. I started making this relationship a major part of my life. It started defining me.

I was addicted to this dopamine high.

However, once this infatuation was over, I could see its ugly side.I was the only one “sharing” in this relationship. And probably I was “over sharing“.

It has a more negative impact on me, my life, than a positive one.

And the biggest turn-off was – No Privacy.

I wanted my space back.

So, I decided to end that relationship.

Now, it has just been reduced to birthdays and anniversaries wishes.

Although, I am still friends with his uptown, right-on-trend , “photogenic influencer” sister. And I still “text” a lot with our mutual friend.

It seems ,“someone special”, will always be part of my life, one way or another.

As Netflix likes to call it, and rightly so  – It’s “The Social Dilemma”.


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What’s your hobby??

Have you ever been asked a question, which stumped you?

Mine is “What are your hobbies??”

This seemingly harmless, most platonic, “plain Jane” of questions is my undoing.

Hobbies, by definition, are something creative or of value addition you do in your free time.

Recently in an interview I have been asked this question ,”What do you do in your free time? What’s your interest/hobbies?”. And after clearing multiple gruelling technical rounds, this was the question which stumped me. Infact, whenever somebody asks me this question, ME, the one who could probably win a 48 hours talkathon, always gets blank.

What is my hobby?

Considering I spent my maximum free time on TV series, this is the first answer which pops into my head. I am a TV series buff. Have subscriptions to multiple streaming channels. I had watched countless series. I am the one who finishes a whole series in one go, one night, if I like it. I spent time, effort, and money on this activity. But if you start asking me “House” and “motto” of different characters of Game of Thrones, sorry “404 File Not Found”.

Also, watching series does not count as a “productive or creative hobby”. You are not flexing any of your creative muscles here. (with exceptions like DARK, which requires you to borrow your neighbor’s creative muscles too to understand it)

TV series 

Coming next, I enjoy traveling. Especially the spontaneous trips. I like traveling like a non-tourist, avoid crowded touristy attractions and explore any place beyond a scheduled itinerary. I have a traveling bucket list. Bunch of saved Instagram traveling posts. 

How many places I have visited so far?? I can count them on my fingers. Never had the guts to take a solo trip. Always depended on someone for company. (one of the reasons I want to get married is to have a constant travel companion.)

So, when you have just traveled to a handful of places, and just on the basis of saved instagram posts, can’t be called a traveller.


I enjoy a good read. Appreciate intelligent writing. I enjoy poems, short stories. Like reading about history and cultures. Can spend hours on Wikipedia.

Not have the patience ,though, to finish novels or books. Probably would be an outcast in a book club. Not much knowledge about authors and their work either. Not a good choice as a trivia teammate. I would be Jake to your Amy and Kylie.(All the Brooklyn99 fans out there, virtual high five)

Reading. Nope. Voted out.

Writing – It’s too early to even called it a hobby.

Hmmm..what else?

I have occasionally dabbled into DIY and crafts, none of them could overcome my commitment issues though. After a couple of months of serious courtship, I always broke up with them.

Well, cooking/baking is also considered a creative hobby. (Although it’s no longer considered as a gender-specific hobby, there is still a part of the world who believes that just because of my gender, I am born with auto set recipes, and I have to have this skill and not just as a hobby. )

Alas, here also I am a disappointment. My cooking skills are limited to survival cooking level. Even in this lockdown, when Dalgona coffees and Banana bread took the world by storm, I managed to escape untouched.

Shopping- although I spend a fortune and many weekends over this, I don’t consider myself an intelligent shopper. I have many unused, never worn skeletons in my closet. Also, come on, who am I kidding, shopping as a hobby doesn’t sound impressive unless you are applying as a “Gossip Girl ” or more recently “Emily in Paris” scriptwriter.

The more I write, more it seems to me “I am a jack of few hobbies master of none”. It is better to end this post before it becomes a list of my useless talents.

Enough about me. So, tell me “What are your hobbies?”

– OneWhoCouldn’tThinkOfUniqueUsername

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Mom Says…#3

Today I lost “The Great Battle of Remote” against my brothers. Soon after, with all hands-on deck, an intense video game battle commenced. Aware of the fact, that this gaming session is now gonna be a whole day event, I retreated to my room.

I did next, what any person in my position would do.
Opened my phone and entered the black hole called – “Instagram”. Soon after I got fully immersed in Instagram, scrolling through post after post.

After a while, Mom enters the room and starts moving to-and-fro at a short distance.
Amused and confused, I asked mom, what’s happening?

I am not kidding, this legit happened. With all the seriousness in the world, she replied, “I am a character of the game. The player doesn’t know how to move next. So the character is just moving in the same place.”

I honestly didn’t even know how to react to this !!!!!

— OneWhoCouldn’tThinkOfUniqueUsername

P.S : “Mom Says” is series dedicated to my mom’s  words of wisdom, life lessons, unique humour and some epic trolling (of me, after all I am her favorite.)

P.P.S : If anyone how to resize gif in wordpress please help me!!

A Job Application called “Arrange Marriage ”

I recently had a eureka moment. I realized there is remarkable similarities between a job application and an arranged marriage.

Let me take you on this journey step by step.

Step 1: You find a job listing. You check what’s the required/expected skills. If you fit their required skill set, you apply to the job.

              You find a prospective groom profile. Check what are they are expecting. If the requirements match, you send an interest. 

Step 2: The recruiter receives your application. Check your profile. If they feel it’s a good match, they call for other details. Most probably set up a telephonic round or 1st round of interviews.

             Groom’s side receives the application. Screening of your profile is done. If they feel it’s a good match, they call for other details and set up the first round of interviews.

Step 3: First round of interviews is usually technical, conducted by someone junior in the hiring hierarchy. Your skill sets and projects handled are judged. The basic skill sets required for the position applied are evaluated.

             First-round is usually taken by the groom’s sister or sisters-in-law. Asks questions about cooking and other homemaking skills. You know, basic married life skills!!

Step 4: If the first-round is cleared, then there is a second technical round, taken by someone senior. It could be a mix of technical and managerial too. Here you are scrutinized more intensely. Intense technical and behavioral questions are asked. What’s your technical expertise level. How serious are you about this job? Will you commit to it? Will it be long term?

In the matrimonial world, this round is usually taken by the groom’s mother, aunts, etc. Now questions are not just about whether you can cook, it’s about what all you can cook. What’s your expertise in cooking. How many varieties of complex recipes you have mastered? How committed will you be to this marriage? Will you work after marriage? Pro-tip: Never underestimate the interrogation skills of the groom’s mom and aunts. They can put all those fancy HR and Hiring Manager to shame.

Step 5: This is usually the final round, conducted by the senior-most manager/hiring manager. In this round usually, terms and conditions of the job are finalized like pay package and other benefits, etc.

This is the most intense round of matrimonial interviews. Usually, in this round parents and senior members are involved. Here also, terms and conditions of marriage are decided. Whether the girl can work after marriage or not? What should be the scale of marriage? And other monetary discussions.

Step 6: If all went well, the offer letter is released.

If all went well, “Hamen ye Rishta Manzoor hai. Munh meetha kijiye”. (We agree to this marriage ,lets celebrate with some sweets. )

Now, what happens after you join the company is a story for some other time.

Until then, be happy and stay safe.

– OneWhoCouldn’tThinkOfUniqueUsername.

It’s been a month!

Exactly a month back, I had a sudden 5-minute motivation rush, along with identity and “what am I doing with my life” crises .

In the hangover of that cocktail , I started this blog.

And it’s time for some retrospection(or as my HR would say, continuous feedback):

Let’s talk numbers first: 1 month. 5 followers . 7 posts.

Struggle with WordPress: I am still trying to figure out WordPress. Trying to refine and clean, the look and feel of my site. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do it, please do let me know.

Goof ups: Didn’t know this weird feature of WordPress, where “supposedly” deleted pages can also like a post. Two fellow bloggers who cared enough to follow my blog were the victim of this. Sherlock me thought they were fake accounts and removed them from my follower’s list. Sorry about that guys !!

Content creation is hard, writing is harder: Have newfound respect for writers, bloggers, and other content creators. Realized content creation and that too of good quality is not easy.

Self-Realization: Encountered the first issue with my writing. Realized I am not good at ending /closing section of blogs. 

Comments are always welcome: No idea about how you feel about my writing. Would really like to know your feedback.

And last but not least,hope that, this also does not become a victim of my commitment issues like many before it.

— OneWhoCouldn’tThinkOfUniqueUsername

Did anyone say “motivation” ???

If you clicked on this post expecting, you would get some “motivational wisdom” I am sorry buddy, you are in the wrong place. Internet and social media are full of “motivational wisdom”, and this post is going to be a rant against them and probably be a long one.

I don’t know what transpired in the universe, but suddenly most of the people I know are having a motivational stroke right now. After having an overdose of motivational quotes/life coaches feed on my social media feed, I am irritated to extreme and going to word-vomit right now.

In case you are wondering what triggered me?Sample this :
With [this many] days left in the year 2020, think hard, and plan what do you want to change in yourself in the new year.
2020 has given us the opportunity and time to learn new skills and upgrade.”
If you didn’t upgrade yourself in 2020, it means time was never the issue, its you who is the issue.

Above sample are 2020 addition to the usual culprits :
“Some overused quote with a dark background and fairy light. ”
“Image of famous and successful people with quotes which were definitely not said by them.”
“All those attitudes and do hell with world quotes with expensive cars as background.”

First of all, it’s too early to think about a new year’s resolution, there is still a month (and some more) left. Need a calendar, anyone??
Though I know who doesn’t need a calendar. These “[] days left in 2020” guys.
Dude, the entire world is counting days for months for this year to end. We don’t need a daily reminder.

Also, if you want to change anything about you, why the hell wait for New year, you can do it right now.
Let us be honest here. Every one of us knows new year resolutions success rate over the history of humanity has not been very “motivating”.

And what irritates me most is the “If you didn’t upgrade yourself in 2020, it means time was never the issue, it’s you who is the issue” section. We are going through something unprecedented. We never faced or heard of anything of this magnitude. We don’t know how to survive this. It’s been almost a year, but there are people who are still struggling with this so-called “new normal” (btw I hate to call it any kind of normal. I don’t want to normalize this. Period). This section implies that with this Work from Home and lockdown situation you must be free, as apparently the only thing you do in your life is to commute to work and work. And now you must have all the time in the world to do all these productive things. My two cents to this section, good for you if you have upgraded yourself. It’s not easy to pull through these several months of challenges. I am hell proud of myself and satisfied with the current version of me.

I guess what I am trying to say is, 2020 has been a tough year and we don’t need this extra pressure of 2020 motivation. We need not be all “glass half full” in everything. I believe sometimes it’s easier to accept the shit. Just face it and move on.

Hope that we come back to actual normal soon. Pray that 2021 be good, better, and best for us.
Until then, stay safe.

Mom says…. #2

I was having a peer feedback meeting with my manager. It is part of our yearly appraisal process, where we give feedback about our colleagues. (To me these meetings feel like those reality shows where players are called in a secret or confession room to nominate their teammate/friends . And game coordinator is forcing player to mention nomination reason also, that too out loud)

After the meeting,

Mom: Who were you complaining about?

Me: Mom it was a feedback meeting, where we share the good and “not so good” experience about our colleagues, from last year. 

Mom : (after a while) so it means others also must have shared “not so good” things about you.

Me : (thinking…Thanks for the vote of confidence Mom!) 

Me : (my actual words) Umm, yeah, maybe, probably….

Mom : (nonchalantly) Remember what goes around comes around (in short Karma is a bitch!).

I suddenly started rethinking and revisiting all the “not so good” things I said about others.

What if all the hard work from last year is trumped by my “not so good” karma.

What if Karma is like, in a sassy voice(for some reason I picture my Karma to be a sassy woman ): Hmm…you worked your ass off last year, put extra hours, that’s fine, but, honey …you said those “not so good” words. You must repay it with your appraisal.

Me : Damnit !! It was not the right time to go all “honesty is the best policy “.

My logical mind is also trying to console me (I fail to put a personality to my logical mind ): Its not that I only said “not so good” things, I said good things too. Also others must have also said “not so good” words about me too , so their “not so good” and mine “not so good” karma should cancel each other out .

Me: Shouldn’t it??

I spent whole day , listening to devil and angel version of me from my shoulder. Believe me, its quite tiring. Eventually , my lazy soul couldn’t bear the sight of me putting this much effort . It stepped in  like a knight in a shining armor, with ultimate closing argument:

Que sera, sera’  

And we all lived happily ever after……………

P.S : “Mom Says” is series dedicated to my mom’s  words of wisdom, life lessons and some epic trolling (of me, after all I am her favorite.)

Donkey Work!

While working on a document, MS Word red marked one of the words, “hardwork”. Obviously, not the one to argue with Mr. Microsoft, I obediently did a right-click.

The suggested correction was “hard work”. Suggestion accepted.

Although, what caught my eye was one of the suggested meaning or synonyms or reference: “donkey work”

Then it dawned upon me, all my life whenever I said my strength is, I am a hardworking person, I was practically implying I am good at donkey work ?? 

No wonder none of the interviewers ever seemed to be impressed by this answer.

Well, now I know what not to mention as a strength in a Microsoft job interview.

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